Lichttechnik für Einsteiger

Lichttechnik fuer Einsteiger

A wave of light flashes moves through the room, fog rises from all corners. Suddenly, colourful beams of light moves according to the music above the heads of the audience. These and other scenes are known from professional events and light shows. But with some know-how and creativity, even beginners can achieve comparable effects with simple and inexpensive resources, for example in school theatre or youth clubs.

For beginners who want to enter the fascinating world of light and show design, this german book describes the basics of event lighting. It gives information about the show programming process with light desks and PC software and illustrates the concepts behind an attractive light design. In the second part of the book, many self-made projects for professional looking show elements are presented. This includes, in particular, information on electronic circuits and programming hints. Safety is a big part too, and in many parts of the book you will find information on how to avoid accidents and where the limits for amateurs are.

The authors are members of different internet projects and work with the described Methods. They have already made many light shows and run them successfully.

  • Step by step to a professional light show
  • Description of technical basics
  • Avoid expensive mispurchases: Device guide for beginners
  • Easy understandable tips for self-made DMX projects
  • Many additional web links for further assistance
Lichttechnik für Einsteiger
ISBN 978-3-89576-188-1
Scope 288 Pages 17 x 23,5 cm
Language German
Price 29,80 €

After 10 very successful years, Elektor has decided not to print another edition. Therefore the book is out of print and no longer available for sale. We hope to be able to offer a revised follow-up version soon.