Today's lighting systems offer great and versatile possibilities. Astonishing effects can already be achieved with low cost equipment. However, Complex projects always require an efficient and flexible control system. But such light consoles are often unaffordable or not flexible enough to really use the potential of your light equipment. Therefore there is DMXControl...

dmxcp hp dmxcontrol dmxc3 reference

DMXControl enables you to exhaust this potential without spending a lot of money. You can download and use the program free of charge. All you need is one of the many supported DMX interfaces. Let's get started! You can even extend the functionalities of DMXControl with additional plugins (community-made or your own).

DMXControl Features

Among others, DMXControl offers the following features:

  • Fast and easy control of your equipment due to the integrated H.A.L
  • Support for every LED fixture type with the RGBx technology
  • Up to 16 output DMX universes
  • Graphical view of your stage for an easy control of your fixtures
  • Fast Control thanks to configurable DMX In and keyboard input
  • Easy integration of your own fixtures with the freeware DDFCreator